Introduction to the Consulting Interview Process

The case interview style is used mostly by management consulting firms to access the candidate’s analytical skills under pressured real-time conditions. This interview consist of two parts:

a) A behavioral interview, where the interviewer gets to know the candidate, their strengths and weakness, experiences working in teams with possible scenarios, and their reason to become a consultant.

b) A business case question, where the interviewer presents the candidate with a problem, most often a real-life problem. The candidate is expected to think logically, carefully and in a well structured manner. Most importantly, the candidate must demonstrate intellect and an ability to solve complex problems. By interacting with your interviewer and asking lots of questions to understand the scope of the problem, the candidate demonstrates an intuitive and thorough nature of their analytical style. A case question can take 20 – 40mins depending on the difficulty of the question, round of interview and level of entry.

Advanced degree candidates (ADCs) have the ability and skills to perform well in these interviews. However, a lot of practice is needed to think critically under pressured conditions and solve the relevant business related problems. The ADC consulting club therefore has a mission to provide resources, programming and spaces for student to practice for these interviews, and also meet potential practice partners.

Tips & Techniques for Case Interview Preparation

  1. Start preparing early
  2. Practice cases related to different sectors
  3. Practice giving and taking cases
  4. Practice with multiple partners
  5. Do not neglect the behavioral interview section
  6. Practice doing math on paper fast
  7. Read and get familiar with business related news articles


  1. Weekly Case Practice Sessions: Offered twice a week
  2. Consulting Curriculum: Offered in the Spring quarter
  3. Case Competition: Offered in the Spring quarter
  4. Case Bootcamp: A joint event with UCSF & UC Berkeley

If you are a beginner to case practices, visit our For Beginners page for more information!

Looking for someone to practice cases with? Visit our Case Practice Partner Google Sheet, fill-in your info and contact someone!