Before Coming for a Case Practice Session

  1. Watch a case interview YouTube video. This will give you an idea of the process
  2. Read and/or prepare at least one case. Try to act both as an interviewer and an interviewee
  3. Go through our resources archive for more information

If that doesn’t help to start you off, don’t hesitate to come for your first practice session and watch others practice cases.

Case Practice Session Format

  1. Facilitated Case Practice Curriculum: This year we are piloting a new format for the case practice sessions. Every session will begin by focusing on a specific aspect of the interview process. This will be followed by group practices.
  2. Groups of 2: Student pair up and practice 2 cases. One person acts as the interviewer (presents the case) while the other is interviewed (takes the case). They both alternate role. At the end (or between sessions), they critique each other.
  3. Groups of 3: This is same as the group of 2 but the 3rd person acts as a silent observer who can provide critiques at the end (or a new beginner who just wants to watch).
  4. You’ll need a pen and piece of paper for every case practice session

Go here, for an overview of the case interview format.